Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone please hire this Yeti already....

Check it out, progress on "Yeti 4 Hire". I'm reworking the manuscript a little, planning on starting the dummy very soon and working up some finished samples to send out a submission packet, hopefully by the end of the year. This image is the first of those samples. It's the first image that really came to me when the concept of the book popped into my head. The Yeti's first foray into town seeking gainful employment. The townsfolk aren't sure what to think. My son continually asks me why the people all look so scared and I have to remind him that they don't know that the Yeti is a swell guy and means them no harm. For some reason this puzzles him. I tell him that he'll understand once he reads the whole book, to which he replies that this week, he only wants WALL•E books. I then bang my head against the wall. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So summer is winding down. Though, it is winding rather quickly. We went on vacation at the end of July and since then, things have been a blur. August has seemed almost non-existent. I don't care much, because I like all the seasons and I'm not a kid, so I don't get my summers off. So bring on the fall. I'm ready for it.

Here's a little bit of trivia for those who like that sort of thing. Ever wonder why this blog is called Fireworks and Karate Supplies? Is it because of my fondness of these two, seemingly unrelated product classifications? Not exactly. Here's the skinny: I'm not originally from Ohio, no, I hail from the great state of New York, the empire state. I've lived in Ohio for about 8 years or so and over that time we've made many trips back to the state of my birth for holidays, family gatherings, visits to the grave of one Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth (long story, I'll explain another time), etc. What does any of this have to do with my blog? Not far from the Pennsylvania/New York border, which we obviously cross in our travels stands this place:

It might be hard to make out, but that sign indicates that this particular establishment does in fact sell both Fireworks and Karate Supplies. For years, this has made me very happy. I don't know why, but for reasons beyond my control, I find this very funny. No disrespect meant towards anyone who loves either/or/both fireworks and karate supplies, both of which are very cool. It's just that never in my life have I thought that these were two great tastes that taste great together.

That being said, apparently a lot of people do. I've checked the stats for this blog, and received the messages and emails... many people come here after googling Fireworks and Karate Supplies. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused, because I don't have a single firework or karate supply to sell. Thanks for stopping by though. I would refer you to the cats at the place pictured above. I think they can help you out. I mean, look at the size of that sign, they gotta have a lot of stuff.


advisor penny stock said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Ahem... that one Elmer you are referring to is Elmer E.(!) Ellsworth... as in Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth... jeez... ;-)

Jeff said...

Oh snap!! Correction to be made shortly. How could I forget that?