Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mysterious tales of suspense... and mystery!

If you were a kid who was into mystery novels, would you judge this book by its cover and beg your parents to fork over cold hard cash for it?

Mind you, this isn't a real cover to a real novel. Not yet anyway. For now it's just a new portfolio piece that I worked up this week.

I think I'd like to do more book covers. They're a hoot.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I don't really keep a proper sketchbook...

but I should. I do sketch quite a bit, mostly little character heads on scraps of paper that I find around the office. I was taught in art school (and I've heard countless artists say it since) that I should keep a running sketchbook at all times. I'm not the biggest fan of drawing in the bound books. I dig my loose leaf. So instead I have tons of loose paper that I shove into folders for projects or just a random sketch folder. Using an actual sketchbook would probably make sense, but I've stopped buying them because I usually only fill them half way, put them away and forget about them. I did once fill a small moleskine which was a cool experience because it gave me this sense of accomplishment. Maybe there's something to sketchbooks after all. I'm rambling because my brain still waking up. Rambling to end in 3...2...1...

The sketches above comprise some of my favorites over the last couple months. Except one, which is a few years old and has appeared on this blog before. I needed it to fill a space. One of these is a character sketch from a project that I'm working on now, but the others are just random characters. However, who knows, they may show up in a story somewhere down the line.