Monday, January 12, 2009

Head temporarily above water

Happy 12th day of the new year. It should be known that I always wait at least 12 days to acknowledge anything new.

As I mentioned in my previous posts (I think I did anyway) I'm wicked busy. Seriously. I've got projects on top of projects. It's been a challenge but it's going fairly well. I'm tired, but my wife hasn't left me and my kids still remember my name. Ok, granted, they've taken to referring to me as that weird guy who draws in the basement all night, but that's close enough.

The above image is the cover of a coloring book that I'm working on for a client who wants to hand these out to the children of people who use their services. I had to move quickly on it but I'm pleased with the results.

I just finished a really big part of a workbook project that has been keeping me really busy, so I'll probably be posting some of those soon.


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