Thursday, November 06, 2008

I want two pigmy goats.

I still can't really post any of the projects that I'm working on because they are nowhere near publication. However, I decided to put up this drawing from one of said projects, because I love goats. In fact, earlier this year when we were house hunting, I had my heart set on finding a more rural place with a decent amount of land so I could get me a couple pigmy goats. I've read they make great pets and are good with kids. I figured a couple of goats would be great fun to take care of and would help me realize my little inner dream of having a small farm. A very small farm actually, consisting entirely of two goats.

Alas the home we found and could ultimately afford was not in a rural area but a very nice little neighborhood with not nearly enough land for goats. So the realization of my dream will have to wait until one day when we buy that old farmhouse in the country.

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