Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Heart the Lakewood Library Book Sale

I just got back from the Friends of Lakewood Library book sale and I'm free-burrito-for-lunch excited about it! Check out the cool finds:

Look at thie sweet joke book I found

It was published in 1963. Isn't that a great cover? Dig these endpapers:

and these from the interior:

I also found this old cookbook for kids, published in 1950:

I also picked up Marvel's Essential Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 and Essential Thor vol. 1, a copy of Jumanji (the book, not the movie) and a vhs tape of a stop-motion movie called Willy McBean and his Magic Machine, which is reminiscient of the old Rankin Bass stuff. It might even be theirs, but the box doesn't say. The best part of all this, I picked this stuff up for like 3 bucks! Nearly all the books go for 50 cents each. There was only one room with more expensive books, but I didn't find anything in there. I can't believe it. For a poor dude like me, 50 cent books are the way to go. Especially those Essentials volumes, which retail for like 15 bucks. Sure, they're a little beat up from years of library use, but I can't complain for 50 cents.

Now if I could somehow wrangle an actual free burrito for lunch, my day would be complete.


Randy Crider said...

Free burrito? Why not just rangle up one of those Range Burgers?

tixie said...

i think bombers had a free burrito day a while ago - to celebrate their anniversary... if you lived here you would have known...