Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Week (and last) In Perpetual Motion 05: It Baby Time!

So, last week there wasn't one of these here updates because, well, we had a baby boy! By we, of course, I mean my lovely wife gave birth and I stood there staring in amazement at her awesomeness as she did so (for the third time!). Everybody is home and happy and healthy and wicked rad. I'm so blessed with an beautiful family and I try to remind myself of that everyday. I took about a week off from work, with the exception of some freelance that I worked on whilst everybody else was sleeping, so there is very little to report on the art front. Please forgive me internet. I think I've got a pretty good excuse.

This week I've gotten back into the swing of things a bit more and I've been getting more done. As deadlines loom I'll be cranking away on stuff for the next couple of weeks and I'll post stuff as I can. Right now though, I'm wicked tired so I'm going to bed before this post begins to ramble too incoherently. Actually that last sentence may prove that I'm too late already.

Here's one of my favorite panels from the current Princess Candy book that I'm working on.

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tixie said...

I love baby time... ;-)