Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So my printer-scanner combo jobber is totally busted.

This means I can't scan my drawings into my computer (which, incidentally, does all the REAL work at making them awesome).

So I made this, with the computer all by itself. No drawing to guide me, no plan of attack as I sat down to the machine. I was scared at first, hiding behind a large rock, crying, praying, etc. But, I manned-up, approached the keyboard and mouse and wrassled'em until they submitted to my will and this lizard showed up on the screen.

(This, of course, is unremarkable and plenty of other digital artists who are far more talented than me do this on a daily basis. I just had to write something in this little box they give you to put words in, primarily for my own amusement.)

It was fun to make and I like it.

I do need a new scanner though.

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ezeldabeth said...

i like it too :)