Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some work-related work I did at work.

Actually I did 90% of it at home, but I really had a need to fit the word "work" in the title three times.

In our loverly Rocktober issue we have a Best of Northeast Ohio feature, and I was asked to do this illustration as the "cover" to the section. I think the fact that I see dogs driving around on scooters everywhere that I go is actually the very best thing about Northeast Ohio. And also black squirrels. I love those little guys.

I have been neglecting the blog again a little bit, but I wanna get more stuff up here, so feel free to check back soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

P.S. I did not design the cool Best of NEO logo, that was our creative director Ricki Urban, who is a wicked designer and a really great boss.

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