Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yeti Hugs Are Forever or Buy My T-Shirts!

Don't ask why, just buy! buy! buy!

Check out my first t-shirt that I uploaded to Bountee! Do you like it? If you do, and you're a female, you can buy it here.

Sorry, no dude versions available right now.

Bountee is a pretty cool site where people come together and make t-shirts and then other people (hopefully you) buy them.

If you're an artist (I'm lookin' at you Crider) and you wanna make a cool t-shirt store, sign up at bountee.com today and just start waiting for the checks to come rollin' in.


Randy Crider said...

Sounds like a challenge. Hopefully not to end up like the "challenger".

tixie said...

As soon as I scrape up some extra money... ;-0

rogério said...

Just great :)